Academic Calendar - 2018

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2018

Social Work 3318A/B


The scope of this course includes values, knowledge and skills related to developmental and change processes at the community level in Canadian society. Students will focus particularly on theory and practice relevant to fostering knowledge about "community" and competency in dealing with issues at the "community" level.

Prerequisite(s): Social Work 1021A/B and Social Work 1022A/B, or the former Social Work 1020, Social Work 2214A/B and Social Work 2215A/B, or the former Social Work 2204, and Social Work 2206A/B and Social Work 2207A/B, or the former Social Work 2205 or equivalent, Social Work 3308F/G, Social Work 3311A/B.

Extra Information: 3 hours.

Course Weight: 0.50
Breadth: CATEGORY A i  
Subject Code: SOCWORK

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