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Psychology 2820E


An introduction to the design, conduct, and statistical analyses of psychological research. The intent is to provide students with knowledge of how to implement and evaluate research in both laboratory and applied settings. Design and statistical analysis will be taught in the context of specific studies and data sets from correlational, experimental, quasi-experimental and qualitative research. Written research projects will be required.

Prerequisite(s): One full course in mathematics plus at least 60% in a 1000-level Psychology course. To fulfill the mathematics requirement, you must complete a full course equivalent by taking 1.0 courses from among the following courses: Applied Mathematics 1201A/B or the former Calculus 1201A/B, Mathematics 0110A/B, Mathematics 1120A/B, Mathematics 1225A/B, Mathematics 1228A/B, Mathematics 1229A/B, Mathematics 1600A/B, Calculus 1000A/B, the former Calculus 1100A/B, Calculus 1301A/B, Calculus 1500A/B, Calculus 1501A/B, the former Linear Algebra 1600A/B, Statistical Sciences 1024A/B. If Mathematics 0110A/B is selected, then either Statistical Sciences 1024A/B or Mathematics 1228A/B must be taken. The combination of Mathematics 1228A/B and Statistical Sciences 1024A/B is strongly recommended.

Extra Information: 2 lecture hours, 2 laboratory/tutorial hours.

Course Weight: 1.00
Breadth: CATEGORY A i  
Subject Code: PSYCHOL

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