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Western University Academic Calendar. - 2018
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English 3332F/G


Seventeenth-century England saw enormous changes in the distribution of money. Dramatists responded in diverse ways to the social disruption caused by new patterns of wealth and impoverishment. Plays studied on this half-course present cityscapes populated by predators and swindlers, nostalgic evocations of lordly hospitable practices, and meditations on greed.

Prerequisite(s): At least 60% in 1.0 of English 1020E or English 1022E or English 1024E or English 1035E or English 1036E or English 1042E or both of English 1027F/G and English 1028F/G, or permission of the Department.

Extra Information: 3 hours.

Course Weight: 0.50
Breadth: CATEGORY B i  
Subject Code: ENGLISH

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