Academic Calendar - 2018

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2018

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Biomedical Engineering

Integrated Engineering

Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Certificates in Engineering

Co-op Programs in Engineering

The undergraduate program in engineering consists of a common first year of courses, followed by three years of study devoted to one of Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Computer, Software, Integrated, Mechanical, Green Process Engineering or Mechatronic Systems Engineering.

Note: Engineering is a limited enrolment program. Priority shall be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents with not more than 10% of the places in the first year of Engineering to be available to applicants who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents.


Abbreviation: Subject:
CBE Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
CEE Civil and Environmental Engineering
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering
ES Engineering Science
GPE Green Process Engineering
MME Mechanical Systems Engineering
MSE Mechatronic Systems Engineering
SE Software Engineering