Academic Calendar - 2018

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2018

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Faculty of Arts and Humanities - French Studies

Admission Requirements

Any student who has graduated with a 3 or 4-year undergraduate degree may apply to be admitted to the Diploma program, subject to prerequisites and general university admission requirements. Contact the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Academic Counselling Office to apply.

Completion French 1900E or French 1910 or French 1999 with a mark of at least 60% is required, or permission of the Department.


Module/Program Information

5.0 courses:

1.0 course from:  French 2905A/B, French 2906A/B, French 2907A/B (or French 2900).
1.0 course from: French 2205A/B, French 2206A/B, French 2207A/B, French 2208A/B, French 2209A/B, or the former French 2200.
1.0 course from: French 3905A/B, French 3906A/B, French 3907A/B, French 3908A/B (or French 3900).
1.0 course from: French 3200, French 3201E.
1.0 course from: French 3300, French 3306A/B, French 3307A/B, French 3308A/B.

The Department of French Studies is also an examination center for the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business French exams. Consult the French Studies Department for further details.


Progression and Graduation Requirements

The core language courses must be taken in sequence. Students must achieve an average of at least 70% in the 5.0 courses in order to progress in and complete this program. Students must receive counseling from the Department on their choice of courses and should seek regular advice on the availability of courses.