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Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Visual Arts

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements with no failures. Students must have an average of at least 70% in 3.0 principal courses including:

a) Visual Arts Studio 1025 or Visual Arts Studio 1020;
b) 1.0 course from two of Visual Arts History 1041A/B, Visual Arts History 1042A/B, Visual Arts History 1043A/B, Visual Arts History 1044A/B and Visual Arts History 1045A/B, and
c) 1.0 additional course. There may be no mark less than 70% in either Visual Arts Studio 1025 or Visual Arts Studio 1020 and no mark less than 60% in 1.0 from two Visual Arts History 1041A/B - 1045A/B and the 1.0 additional principal course.

Students seeking admission to Visual Arts Studio 1025 directly from high school must submit a portfolio of their studio work for Department assessment as part of the University admission process. Students who are accepted and who meet the admission requirements listed above will be admitted to the BFA program without the need of another portfolio review at the end of the Visual Arts Studio 1025 course.

Students applying from high school who have taken a special Grade 12 Studio Practice Program may be eligible to enroll in 1.0 VAS 2000-level course(s) in their first-year of studies in lieu of VAS 1025 with permission from the Department. Students must still take 5.0 first-year courses and are expected to complete that requirement by the end of their second-year.

Students admitted to Visual Arts Studio 1020 may still enter the BFA program provided they meet the admission requirements listed above and submit a portfolio of work for approval toward the end of the second term of the Visual Arts Studio 1020 course.

An average of 70% with no mark less than 60% in Visual Arts Studio courses must be maintained for progression.

Module/Program Information

10.0 courses:

2.5 courses in Visual Arts Studio at the 2200 level.
1.0 course from: Visual Arts Studio 2274A/B, Visual Arts Studio 2275A/B or Visual Arts Studio 2276Y.
1.5 courses in Visual Arts History at the 2200 level.
2.0 courses in Visual Arts Studio at the 3300 level.
1.0 course: Visual Arts Studio 2282A/B, Visual Arts Studio 3382A/B.
2.0 courses from: Visual Arts Studio 4430 or Visual Arts Studio 4448 and 1.0 Visual Arts Studio 3300-level or higher.
Note: No more than 14.0 courses in Visual Arts History and/or Visual Arts Studio may be counted towards the 4-Year BFA degree. A minimum of 0.5 Visual Arts History course must be in historical eras prior to 1800.

Related Information

Please note: The Department of Visual Arts is in the process of implementing a number of changes to its undergraduate program. Please contact the department for further information.