Academic Calendar - 2019

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2019

Western Main Campus

Faculty of Science - Earth Sciences

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements with no failures. Students must have an average of at least 70% and no mark less than 60% in the 3.0 principal courses taken, including:

1.0 course: Calculus 1000A/B, Calculus 1500A/B or the former Calculus 1100A/B;  and one of Calculus 1301A/B, Calculus 1501A/B, Applied Mathematics 1413.

1.0 course from: (Physics 1301A/B or Physics 1501A/B) and (Physics 1302A/B or Physics 1502A/B); or Physics 1028A/B and Physics 1029A/B with an average of at least 80%. 

1.0 course from: Earth Sciences 1022A/B, Earth Sciences 1023A/B, Earth Sciences 1070A/B, Earth Sciences 1081A/B, Earth Sciences 1083F/G, Chemistry 1024A/B, Chemistry 1301A/B, Chemistry 1302A/B, or the former Chemistry 1100A/B, the former Chemistry 1200B, Mathematics 1600A/B or the former Linear Algebra 1600A/B.

Note: At least a 0.5 course in Earth Sciences is recommended in first year. If not taken in first year, Mathematics 1600A/B or the former Linear Algebra 1600A/B must be completed before the beginning of third year.

Module/Program Information