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Welcome to the Renumbering Information Page

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Western is introducing new 4-digit numbers for all of its courses, starting May of 2008.  This change is for all areas of the University including Undergraduate courses, Professional courses, Continuing Studies courses, Education courses, and Graduate courses.  Undergraduate courses will have the numbers 0001-4999.  All 3-digit course numbers will be renumbered to a 4-digit number or withdrawn.  Please check the conversion tables at the start of each course subject to view the equivalent 3-digit and 4-digit numbers and to ensure that you do not register in a course that you have already taken previously.

Why is Western switching to a 4 digit course system?

We wanted to move to a system that is compatible with other Universities, both across Canada and Internationally.  As well, we wanted to increase the flexibility and ability to offer more courses in each subject..

When are the courses switching over?

Courses will begin using the new 4 digit numbering system for Summer 2008. The new numbers will appear in the 2008 Summer Calendar and the 2008 Academic Calendar, which will be available in print in February. The 2008 Academic Calendar is now available on the web at

I was planning on taking a certain course. How do I find out what its new number is?

Reference materials will be provided in the new online calendar to help you find a course in the new 4 digit numbering system using an old 3 digit number. These Course Conversion Charts will be linked at the top of every course listing page (see an example chart here).

How will this impact course registration?

Course and module information including requisites and other requirements have been updated. However, before registering for courses with the new 4 digit numbering system, please ensure that you have not previously taken the course in its 3 digit form.

How will this change impact my Transcript?

Any course taken prior to May 1, 2008 will appear as a 3 digit course on your transcript.  Any course that you take after May 1, 2008 will appear on your transcript as a 4 digit course.

What do the different numbers and letters mean?

0001 - 0999*   Pre-University level introductory courses
1000 - 1999     Year 1 undergraduate courses
2000 - 4999     Senior-level undergraduate courses
5000 - 5999     Professional Degree courses in Dentistry, Education, Law, Medicine and
Theology (MTS, MDiv)
6000 - 6999     Courses offered by Continuing Studies
9000 - 9999     Graduate Studies courses

Suffixes (F/G, E, etc.) will remain the same.

* These courses are equivalent to pre-university introductory courses and may be counted for credit in the student's record, unless these courses were taken in a preliminary year.