Because the requirements for admission to the practice of law vary from province to province, a student wishing to practice law in any province other than Ontario should contact the Secretary of the appropriate Law Society before seeking admission to the Faculty of Law at Western.

Requirements for the practice of law in Ontario are set by the Law Society of Upper Canada and may be obtained from the Secretary of the Law Society, 130 Queen St. West, Toronto, M5H 2N6. Students must obtain a Bachelor of Laws degree from an approved university The University of Western Ontario and its law program have been approved for this purpose"and complete the Bar Admission Course.

The Bar Admission Course consists of a twelve month service under articles to a solicitor anywhere in Ontario upon graduation from law school and a two stage teaching term. The first stage of the teaching term will take place prior to the beginning of articles and be one month in duration. This teaching term may be completed in London, Toronto or Ottawa. Following the completion of articles, the second stage of the three month teaching term will be completed, again in any of the above three locations. The teaching term of the Bar Admission Course is intended to complement both the articling and law school experiences, so as to contribute toward the development of competence among lawyers in their practice of law.

Foreign students should note that, by statute, only Canadian citizens and British subjects may be called to the Bar and admitted to the practice of barrister and solicitor in Ontario.

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