Individual courses are graded as follows:

A Excellent
B Good
C Competent
F Fail
PAS Pass
FAI Fail

The "A", "B" and "C" grades are further subdivided by the addition of a plus or minus sign (e.g., "A+", "A", "A-", etc.). The "Pass" or "Fail" designation, rather than a letter grade, is used only in courses specifically identified as being on a pass/fail basis. A grade of "FAI" (Fail) will be treated the same as an "F" grade in determining whether a student has failed a particular year.

Individual grades assigned by instructors are subject to the approval of the Faculty.

Students may not take a course for which there is a prerequisite if they received an "F" in the prerequisite.

A student who receives an "F" in two or more courses in a particular year has failed that year and receives no credit from that year towards an LLB degree. The Faculty may pass, in appropriate circumstances, a student who would otherwise be considered to have failed.

First year students who fail must withdraw from the Faculty of Law, unless the Faculty determines otherwise. Upper year students who fail but have not previously failed in law school may repeat their failed year. A student who fails any two years in the Faculty of Law must withdraw from the University.

The Faculty will review the grades in all courses taken by a failing student. This review will include re-reading all of such student's examination papers to verify the accuracy of the marking process.

Supplemental examinations are not permitted except in extraordinary circumstances. Students who pass the year may not repeat courses already taken, nor write supplemental examinations for which they received an "F".

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