The Diplôme de Français Juridique is a 3-year limited enrolment program offered in conjunction with the LLB program. It is administered by the Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Department of French.

Open only to students registered full-time in the Faculty of Law, this program is designed to meet the needs of students wishing to achieve a high level of fluency in written and spoken French and who have an insufficient background in French.

Application and Registration

Application to this program may be made by applicants to the first year of the LLB program. Application forms are available from, and should be submitted to, the Faculty of Law.

The only entry date for the program is at the commencement of a student's LLB program.

Applicants must meet with the Director of the program at the commencement of the LLB program. They will be informed by the Director if they are admitted. Applicants may be required to take the classification test administered by the Department of French.

Structure of the Program

The program is administered on behalf of the Faculty of Law by a Director appointed by the Faculty of Law.

The program is designed to be completed at the same time as the LLB program. Students who complete the program and the LLB program are entitled to receive the LLB degree and the Diplôme de Français Juridique. Throughout the program, a student is deemed to be registered in the Faculty of Law.

Program of Study

First Year

In first year, students must complete the regular first year LLB program (with the exception of Introduction to Legal Theory) and take French 271 (Language- Grammar). In exceptional circumstances, a student who has not taken French 020E or French 021 may be permitted by the Director to take French 021 instead of French 271, in which case the latter course must be taken during the summer following first year, in addition to the regular summer program described below.

A student who has already taken French 271 may be admitted to the program, in which case another French course selected by the Director, in consultation with the Department of French, will be substituted for French 271.

Summer following First Year

During the summer following first year, students attend Western's Trois-Pistoles Summer School and take French 242E (French Canadian Civilization).

Second Year

In second year, students take Introduction to Legal Theory, four core curriculum law courses, at least two credit hours of elective courses in the Faculty of Law, French 127a/b (Juridical French) and six credit hours in Law or law-related courses taught in French whether in the French Department, the Faculty of Law or any other Department of the University with the approval of the Director.

Third Year

During one term, students must attend the Faculty of Law, Laval University in The University of Western Ontario/Laval University Law Exchange program, and take the courses approved by the Director.

During the other term, students must take the remaining two core curriculum law courses and elective courses in the Faculty of Law, totalling at least six credit hours.

The normal progression standards applicable to the LLB program apply to the program.

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