Canada-U.S. Law Institute

The Canada-U.S. Law Institute is a bi-national joint venture established in 1976 by the Faculty of Law at The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario and the School of Law at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. The Institute is financed, operated and administered for the equal benefit of the two law schools.

The basic aim of the Canada-U.S. Law Institute is to foster mutual understanding and improved relations between Canada and the United States. It seeks to achieve this objective by exposing students and faculties at both law schools to the legal system of the other. The need for this kind of exposure has been critical. Canada and the United States depend upon each other in, inter alia, national security, trade and investment. Despite the mutual importance of each country to the other, the Canada-U.S. Law Institute is the first bi-national project to attempt to tutor Americans and Canadians in the national and international legal problems resulting from their proximity and interdependence.

National Tax Centre

Established by the Faculty of Law in 1981, the National Tax Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to pursuing independent research on all aspects of Canadian income taxation and to providing quality continuing education programs in taxation for lawyers and others interested in the Canadian tax system. The initial funding for the Centre was provided by a generous grant from the Second Century Fund of the University.

Director: Professor T. Edgar

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