Anyone may apply for admission, subject to prerequisites and general university admission requirements. A student may not pursue both the Certificat de français pratique and an Area of Concentration in French. All the French courses of the Certificat program may be credited toward other undergraduate programs.

OAC French or practical equivalent. A placement test will be required. Applicants lacking OAC French or practical equivalent may take the normal French Department prerequisite courses (French 002 and/or French 010) to qualify, prior to admission to the Certificat program.

Progression and Graduation Requirements

The core language courses must be taken in sequence. To progress in and to complete the Certificat program, students must achieve and maintain a minimum average of 60% in the five required courses.

Since the Certificat program is regarded as a coherent unit of study, students will be required to take at least one of the core language courses in a Fall/Winter session and are strongly advised to take at least one option concurrently with French 131 or 141. Students must receive counselling from the Department on their choice of options and should seek regular advice on the availability of courses.


The required courses are French 021 or French 020E, 131, 135a/b, 141, 145a/b and one full-course equivalent from 127a/b, 142E, 143, 232E, 242E, 252E (given at Huron University College), 273, 295, 343E, 383, 397a/b, 398a/b. At least three of the five credit courses must be taken at Western.

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