(Department of English/ Faculty of Arts). Open to all students in the University, the Certificate Program in Writing aims to develop writing skills at both the general level and within the parameters of specific disciplines. All program courses (except Writing 200) may be credited toward other undergraduate programs. Anyone may apply for admission, subject to prerequisites and general university admission requirements.

A grade of 70% or higher in Writing 101F/G is required for entrance to the program. To qualify for the Certificate in Writing, Level I, students must achieve a grade of SAT in the Writing Proficiency Examination (Writing 200), and then achieve at least 70% in two further Writing half-courses (or equivalent) at the 200-level. For the Level II certificate, the Writing Proficiency Examination plus at least 70% in four further Writing half-courses (or equivalent) at the 200-level are required.

To write the Writing Proficiency Examination (WPE), students must have completed at least one university essay half-course at the 100-level or above, but Writing 101F/G is strongly recommended as the normal and best preparation. The examination will test for a very high standard of writing proficiency in a variety of ways: by a precis, an essay, and some passages to correct or for commentary. The examination is offered three times a year, and students wishing to take the examination and obtain credit in Writing 200 should apply to the Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies, Department of English.

Program regulations do not require students to have credit in Writing 200 before registering in a 200-level Writing course. Admission to those courses is governed by normal academic prerequisites, and any qualified student may register. However, no student may graduate with the Certificate in Writing who has not secured credit in Writing 200.

Certain 200-level courses, offered by different departments but not designated as specifically "Writing" courses, may be allowed as credit towards the Certificate in Writing. To find out what these are and to plan their program, students should consult with the Program Coordinator, c/o Undergraduate Studies, Department of English.

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