All Ontario students must have their own health insurance number. This plan covers physicians' services, hospitalization, x-ray, and laboratory services that have been ordered by a physician.

Out-of-province students, insured through their home province plans, may not be covered for all of the above services. Inquiries about out-of-province coverage should be made to the plan's head office.

All students are responsible for any costs incurred for services rendered by Student Health Services. If you do not have health insurance, you will be invoiced directly.

International students are eligible for the University Health Plan (UHIP) below.


International students are no longer covered by Ontario government health care protection. Western has arranged an insurance plan that will provide you and your eligible dependents with comparable protection through an external carrier. This insurance is compulsory for registered students; students will not be considered registered unless they are covered and pay the appropriate fee. The fee is collected in addition to the basic tuition and is included on your "Registration Fee Bill". The 2000-2001 fee for single coverage was $702.78. The University of Western Ontario acts only as the collection agent on behalf of the external carrier.

After an application for admission has been received, Western will send you information about the plan and an application that you must complete as well as information about extending coverage to include your spouse and/or eligible dependents.

Also see the information on the USC Undergraduate Student Health Plan described below.


The InfoSource, University Community Centre Atrium
519- 661-3572

Full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled into an extended benefit medical health insurance policy administered by the University Students' Council. Highlights of the plan include 80% of prescription and paramedical services, 100% of tutorial AD & D and extensive out-of-province/country benefits. Students with equivalent coverage may choose to "opt-out" of this plan by presenting acceptable proof of alternative coverage and receive a fee refund. The 2001/2002 fee was $95.00. The deadline to apply for the refund is October 4, 2002. Complete information regarding all aspects of the plan is available at the InfoSource or view the web page:

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