Specialized knowledge and skills are vital for opening new employment opportunities, and Western has responded with new programs of study. The Faculty's Diplomas and Certificates receive full University accreditation and can be achieved on a part-time basis.

Students must apply for admission to these programs.

Diplomas are normally post-graduate programs.

The certificate programs listed below may be pursued concurrently with, or subsequent to, the completion of a BA; they are also open to individuals admitted to the University for the express purpose of completing a Certificate.

* Diploma in Accounting

* Diploma in Art Therapy

* Diploma in Labour Relations

* Certificate in Addiction Studies

* Certificate in Case Management for Long-Term Care

* Certificate in Health Promotion and Education

* Certificate in Labour Relations

* Certificate in Grief and Bereavement Studies

* Certificate in Piano Technology

* Certificate in Promoting Early School Learning

* Certificate in Second Language Teaching

* Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program

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