The Scholar's Electives Program allows students who have demonstrated outstanding academic potential to elect their own program of studies in consultation with the departments concerned and with the approval of the Deans' office(s) involved. The Dean(s) will also appoint a faculty advisor for each senior student in the program. Students enrolled in the Scholar's Electives Program pursue one of the Theme Areas discussed below, a combination of two subjects for which a formal joint program is not generally available, or an interdisciplinary combination of courses from different subjects which constitutes an appropriate liberal education. The Educational Development Office facilitates the initial registration of students in the Scholar's Electives Program, especially for students entering it in their first year. However, admission to the program and approval of course selections is granted by the Dean of the Faculty designated by the applicant.

Admission to the Program

The Scholar's Electives Program is open to students who apply for full-time admission to the first year in the Faculties of Arts, Health Sciences, Information and Media Studies, Science or Social Science and who have achieved at least a 90% admission average.

Students entering their second, third or fourth year of the above Faculties may also apply to enter the program, provided that they have been registered in a minimum of five full courses or equivalent in each September-April session, that they meet the criteria for the program (e.g. no more than six courses from the 020-199 level for both three-year and four-year degrees, unless special permission is granted), and have maintained at least an 80% average in each year of university study, with no grade lower than 60% over the entire program. Exceptions to these requirements will be approved by the Dean(s) of the Faculty only in extraordinary circumstances.

Faculty of Engineering Science students may participate in the Scholar's Electives Program only through certain concurrent degree programs. This option is available to students entering at least their second year of university. To be eligible, students must have achieved an 80% average in each year of study on a full course load, with no individual course grade below 60%. Interested students should consult with the Faculty for more information.

Affiliated Colleges

Each Affiliated College may offer a Scholar's Electives Program leading to a BA degree under the same conditions. Admission to the program shall be granted by the Dean or by the Principal of an Affiliated College and, where appropriate, in consultation with the Dean(s) of the constituent university Faculties involved in the proposed course of study. See the Calendar of the appropriate Affiliated College for Theme Areas available at each institution.

Progression in the Program

The achievement of an average of at least 80% in each year of study with no grade lower than 60% over the entire program is required for progression to the next year of the program. Students will register in no more than six courses from the 020-199 level, for both the three-year and four-year degree programs, unless special permission is granted. To be eligible to progress in the program, students are required to register in at least five full courses or equivalent in each academic year (September-April). The privileges of the program shall be withdrawn upon transfer to another undergraduate program or upon failure to meet the progression requirements. Exceptions to these requirements will be approved by the Dean(s) of the Faculty only in extraordinary circumstances.

Faculty of Engineering Science students should consult with their Academic Counsellor for more information regarding specific progression requirements.

First Year of the Program

Scholar's Electives students in their first year at Western may, with permission of their Dean, enrol in certain 100- and 200-level courses normally restricted to senior students, and/or enrol in more than five courses, and/or restrict their choice of courses to a single Faculty. Normally, the choice of the Theme Area or disciplinary combination is made during the first year, although students will be counselled during first-year registration about prerequisites for their program(s) of choice.

Diploma Designations

The baccalaureate diploma awarded to students will record both the status of Scholar's Electives, and, if appropriate, the Theme Area or discipline(s) studied, as recommended by the Dean.

3- and 4-Year (Honors & non-Honors) Scholar's Electives Programs: Degree Requirements

BA, BHSc, BMSc and BSc programs are available. Of the courses counted for graduation, no more than six can be numbered 020-199, unless special permission is granted. All other courses must be numbered 200-499. Students must enrol in a minimum of five courses each September-April session and maintain an average of 80% in each year of university study, with no grade lower than 60% over the entire program. Exceptions to these requirements normally will be approved only in extraordinary circumstances.

Combined Honors degrees between Scholar's Electives and those subjects in Arts and Social Sciences listed in the Combined Honors section of the calendar are also available, subject to consultation with the appropriate department and Deans' offices.

Combinations of Two or More Subjects

The many programs that combine the study of two disciplines that have already been established at Western are listed elsewhere in the calendar. Students who wish to pursue the simultaneous study of two or more subjects for which no formal combined program has been established may be able to do so through the Scholar's Electives Program, after consultation with the appropriate departments and the approval of the Dean(s) concerned. In certain cases, it is possible to combine subjects from several different faculties. The Educational Development Office will facilitate the initial counselling between the student and the faculties concerned.

Theme Areas

The theme areas that have been established to date are listed below. Students should consult the appropriate Deans' offices to determine the likely subjects from which courses will be chosen and the Faculty Mentor for the theme area(s) of interest to them. Students should consult with their mentor before deciding upon course selection. In some cases it may be possible to create additional theme areas of interest to specific students. Students should consult with the Educational Development Office or the appropriate Dean's Office for details. Many theme area programs are available as part of a 3- or 4-year degree, as well as in the Honors or Combined Honors Scholar's Electives programs.

Theme Areas within Arts, Science, and Social Science

Interdisciplinary programs within the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry may be arranged on an individual basis.

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