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Interdisciplinary Studies 3495A/B/Y


Internships are up to 4-months, or a minimum of 140 hours within one term. Students may pursue an internship within an approved organization related to their module within the Faculty of Arts and Social Science. Interns must complete and defend a written report about the work undertaken during the internship.

Prerequisite(s): Completion of first year with a minimum projected cumulative average of 80% or the completion of a second year of Program with a minimum cumulative average of 70%, and no failures or documented academic offences. Approval of, and acceptance into, an internship placement. Students registered in a Management and Organizational Studies Major, Specialization, or Honours Specialization will not be able to register in this course.

Extra Information: PASS/FAIL. Note: International students may participate in an internship program in Canada if they have a valid study permit and a Social Insurance Number. The student is required to a) maintain a suitable level of performance in the position as verified by the employer through evaluations, b) complete a mid-term assessment report, and c) write and defend a final report about the work undertaken during the internship, demonstrating how the experience gained through the internship relates to his/her coursework and program of study.

Course Weight: 0.50
Breadth: CATEGORY A i  
Subject Code: INTERDIS