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Earth Sciences 3350Y


Eleven day field school in a deformed metamorphic terrain. Observation and documentation of geological features at outcrops. Three-dimensional thinking and reconstruction of structural geometry. Establishing overprinting relationships among structures. Mapping from mesoscopic to macroscopic scales. Kinematic interpretation and tectonic synthesis of geological data at different scales.

Prerequisite(s): Earth Sciences 2201A/B and Earth Sciences 2250Y. Corequisite(s): Any two of Earth Sciences 3313A/B, Earth Sciences 3314A/B, Earth Sciences 3315A/B, and registration in the Major, Specialization or Honours Specialization in Geology, or in the Honours Geology or Honours Environmental Geoscience Programs for Professional Registration.

Extra Information: 11 day field course in May, 0.5 course. Note: Students must register prior to the September "Add" deadline for full year courses (see Undergraduate Sessional Dates). Partial cost of the field expenses must be borne by the students, and is payable to the Department prior to the September "Add" deadline. There is an associated cost with this course, see the Department of Earth Sciences website for more information. Fees are non-refundable in the event of a course drop, except in extenuating circumstances. Students will receive the maximum subsidy if the course is a requirement for their module. In the case that the course is not a requirement, partial subsidy may be provided depending on the module in which the student is currently enrolled (please contact the Departmental Undergraduate Chair).

Course Weight: 0.50
Breadth: CATEGORY C i  
Subject Code: EARTHSCI

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