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Astronomy 2021A/B


This course is designed for non-science students as an introduction to current scientific thinking on the possibility of extraterrestrial life and intelligence. Ideas, observations, and experiments from the frontiers of many areas of science converge in this unique interdisciplinary field. Emphasis will be on topics of current interest, including searches for life in our Solar System, detection of extrasolar planets, and the origins of life on Earth.

Antirequisite(s): Physics 1028A/B, Physics 1301A/B, Physics 1401A/B, Physics 1501A/B or the former Physics 1020, the former Physics 1024, the former Physics 1026.

Extra Information: 3 lecture hours. May not be taken for credit by students in the Faculty of Science.

Course Weight: 0.50
Breadth: CATEGORY C i  
Subject Code: ASTRONOM

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