Academic Calendar - 2023

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2023
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Theatre Studies 4211F/G


This course introduces students to the theory and practice of performance archives. Students will analyze primary documents and how to organize and maintain a performance archive. This course will also include field trip(s) to archival sites such as the Stratford Festival, the Grand Theatre, the Elgin Theatre and the Nightwood Theatre.

Prerequisite(s): At least 60% in 1.0 of any 1000-level or above “E” or combination of two 1000- level or above “F/G” courses from any department in the following Faculties: Arts and Humanities, School of Humanities (Brescia), Information and Media Studies (FIMS), or Music; or from any of the following additional Departments: Anthropology, English (King’s), English and Cultural Studies (Huron), History (Main and Affiliates), Philosophy (Affiliates), Political Science (Main and Affiliates), the Religious Studies (Affiliates), or permission of the Department.

Extra Information: 3 hours.

Course Weight: 0.50
Breadth: CATEGORY B i  
Subject Code: THEATRE