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Psychology 3444F/G


An in-depth examination of the social brain and how it develops. Topics include the cognitive and neural development of face processing, social attention, and theory of mind. In addition to typical development, we will examine cases of atypical development, including "faceblindness" in developmental prosopagnosia and "mindblindness" in autism.

Antirequisite(s): Psychology 3490G if taken in 2014-15.

Prerequisite(s): Both Psychology 2801F/G and Psychology 2811A/B, or the former Psychology 2820E, or both the former Psychology 2800E and the former Psychology 2810, and one of Psychology 2040A/B, Psychology 2410A/B, Psychology 2220A/B, Psychology 2221A/B or Neuroscience 2000.

Extra Information: 3 lecture/seminar hours.

Course Weight: 0.50
Breadth: CATEGORY A i  
Subject Code: PSYCHOL

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