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Social Justice and Peace Studies
King's University College



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at Western University Canada
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Social Justice and Peace Studies is an interdisciplinary program that addresses students of all religious and political persuasions in a spirit of open and free dialogue. There is a mandatory community-based course that engages students in local issues of social justice and peace. After the first year, students are eligible to apply for international experiential learning courses. For placements lasting less than a month students may apply in 2nd, 3rd or 4th year, however, for placements lasting a month or longer, students may only apply in 2nd or 3rd year.

The following courses may be taken to complete requirements for the Social Justice and Peace Studies modules. Students may request permission to substitute other courses not on this list. These requests will be considered on a case by case basis. Students are advised to consult the Program Coordinator when planning their program.

Centre for Global Studies 2002F/G, CGS 3509F/G, CGS 3512F/G, CGS 3513F/G, CGS 3514F/G, CGS 3515F/G, CGS 3517F/G, CGS 3518F/G, CGS 3519F/G, CGS 3521F/G, CGS 3522F/G, CGS 3523F/G, CGS 3524F/G, CGS 3525F/G.
Economics 2124A/B, Economics 2125A/B, Economics 2161F/G.
Disability Studies 2201F/G, Disability Studies 2202A/B, Disability Studies 2210A/B.
English 2017, English 2262F/G, English 2601E, English 2730F/G, English 2735F/G, the former English 2310E.
Inidgenous Studies 2218F/G.
Geography 2030A/B, Geography 2142A/B, Geography 3442F/G, Geography 3445F/G, the former Geography 2020A/B.
History 2125F/G, History 2187, History 2201E, History 2301E, History 2501E, History 3218E, History 3802F/G, History 3850F/G, History 3851F/G, History 4805E.
Philosophy 2074F/G, Philosophy 2080.
Political Science 2225E, Political Science 2230E, Political Science 2231E, Political Science 2245E, Political Science 2255F/G, Political Science 2257, Political Science 2270E, Political Science 3302F/G, Political Science 3307F/G, Political Science 3311F/G, Political Science 3312F/G, Political Science 3319F/G, Political Science 3332F/G, Political Science 3342F/G or the former Political Science 4422F/G, Political Science 3345E, Political Science 3357E, Political Science 3369F/G, Political Science 3400F/G, Political Science 4421F/G, Political Science 4439F/G, or the former Political Science 2235E, the former Political Science 3300E, the former Political Science 3309E, the former Political Science 3325E.
Psychology 2012F/G, Psychology 3710F/G, Psychology 3725F/G, Psychology 4303F/G.
Religious Studies 2134A/B, Religious Studies 2166A/B, Religious Studies 2203F/G, Religious Studies 2204F/G, Religious Studies 2281F/G, Religious Studies 2506F/G, Religious Studies 3451F/G, Religious Studies 3452F/G, Religious Studies 3453F/G.
Sociology 2140, Sociology 2145A/B, Sociology 2200E or Sociology 2143E, Sociology 2220A/B, Sociology 2239, Sociology 2256A/B, Sociology 2260A/B, Sociology 2266A/B, Sociology 2267A/B, Sociology 3305F/G, Sociology 3318F/G, Sociology 3338E, Sociology 3339F/G, Sociology 3340F/G, Sociology 3341F/G, Sociology 3371F/G, the former Sociology 3377F/G.
Any Social Justice and Peace Studies course at the 2000 level or above that is not being used to fulfill another module requirement.
Social Work 3308F/G, Social Work 3318A/B, Social Work 3319F/G, Social Work 3344A/B, Social Work 4414F/G, Social Work 4481A/B.
Thanatology 3322A/B.
Women’s Studies 2200E, Women’s Studies 2257E.

Approved List courses may only be counted once towards module requirements.

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