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Western University Academic Calendar. - 2021ARCHIVE

French Studies
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Western Main Campus


University College, room 2205
Western University


(519) 661-2163


All courses are taught in French unless otherwise stated.


• Students who have completed Grade 12 French may enroll in French 1900E or French 1910 or French 1999 with no Placement Test required. Francophone, French Immersion or advanced students should take the Placement Test for possible placement in upper-level French language/grammar courses.
• All other students who want to take a French course at Western for the first time should take the Placement Test.
• Students may enroll in French Studies courses taught in English with no Placement Test required.
• The Department of French Studies retains the right to remove students from any courses that do not fall within the Placement Test course parameters.

For Information about the Trois Pistoles French Immersion School, see

For Essay and Breadth requirements for all Degrees at Western, see Graduation Requirements or The Degree Structure