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Note:  Students intending to combine modules in Economics and Statistical & Actuarial Sciences may use Statistical Sciences 2858A/B in place of Economics 2122A/B or Economics 2222A/B.  For these students only, Statistical Sciences 2858A/B will be used as the prerequisites for Economics 2123A/B or Economics 2223A/BEconomics 2122A/B or Economics 2222A/B must be replaced with another Economics course at the appropriate level to complete modular requirements.

Science/BMSc Internship Program

Specific introductory statistics courses may be required in certain modules. Antirequisite courses cannot necessarily be substituted for each other.

If you have any questions regarding other Introductory Statistics courses not listed here, please contact the Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences.

Many students are required to include a course in statistics as part of their modular requirements. Please exercise caution when enrolling in these courses as many are listed as “Introductory Statistics” and are antirequisite to each other.

Please review the following list for courses that are considered “Introductory Statistics”.

From Social Science:
Economics 2122A/B, Economics 2222A/B, Geography 2210A/B, MOS 2242A/B, Psychology 2810, Psychology 2820E, Psychology 2830A/B (Huron), Psychology 2850A/B (Brescia), Psychology 2851A/B (Brescia), Sociology 2205A/B.
From Science:
Biology 2244A/B, Statistical Sciences 2035, Statistical Sciences 2141A/B, Statistical Sciences 2143A/B, Statistical Sciences 2244A/B, Statistical Sciences 2858A/B.

From Health Sciences:
Health Sciences 3801A/B.

From Social Work:
Social Work 2207A/B.

Other former "Introductory Statistics" courses:
Psychology 2885 (Brescia)
Statistical Sciences 2037A/B if taken prior to Fall 2010
Statistical Sciences 2122A/B
Social Work 2205

Important note: the following are not considered “Introductory Statistics”:

Nursing 3318A/B, Psychology 2840F/G, Statistical Sciences 1024A/B – can be taken prior to any of the 2000 or higher level “Introductory Statistics” courses above, but not after.

Statistical Sciences 2037A/B if taken Fall 2010 or later & Statistical Sciences 1023A/B – no pre-requisites/anti-requisites; emphasis on concepts, not calculations.

There is a solution for students enrolled in two modules that each requires a statistics course from the above list.  Please read the applicable departmental pages in the Academic Calendar or contact your Department directly for more information.