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Modules offered by the Anthropology Department may not be combined with other modules offered by the Department due to course overlap. The only exceptions to this policy are that the Minor in Refugee and Migrant Studies and/or the Minor in Culture and Environment may be combined with other modules offered by the Department; in such cases, a maximum of 1.0 course may be counted for credit in both modules. Combinations are possible with modules offered by other departments.

Sociocultural Anthropology:

Anthropology 1020 (formerly Anthropology 1020E), Anthropology 1021A/B, Anthropology 1025F/G, Anthropology 2201F/G, Anthropology 2203F/G or Indigenous Studies 2203F/G, Anthropology 2211F/G or Indigenous Studies 2211F/G, Anthropology 2212F/G, Anthropology 2216F/G or Indigenous Studies 2216F/G, Anthropology 2219F/G, Anthropology 2222F/G, Anthropology 2255E, Anthropology 2260F/G, Anthropology 2262F/G, Anthropology 2272F/G, Anthropology 2275A/B, Anthropology 2276F/G, Anthropology 2277F/G, Anthropology 2278F/G, Anthropology 2280F/G, Anthropology 2281F/G, Anthropology 2282F/G, Anthropology 2283F/G, Anthropology 2284F/G, Anthropology 2285F/G, Anthropology 2290F/G, Anthropology 3223F/G, Anthropology 3305F/G, Anthropology 3321, Anthropology 3322, Anthropology 3323A/B, Anthropology 3331F/G, Anthropology 3332F/G, Anthropology 3350F, Anthropology 3351G, Anthropology 3354F/G, Anthropology 3355F/G, Anthropology 3389F/G, Anthropology 4401F/G (or the former Anthropology 4400E), Anthropology 4409F/G, Anthropology 4470A/B, the former Anthropology 2217F/G, the former Anthropology 2218F/G, the former Anthropology 2269F/G, the former Anthropology 3301E, the former Anthropology 3369F/G.

Archaeology and Biological Anthropology:

Anthropology 1020 (formerly Anthropology 1020E), Anthropology 1022A/B, Anthropology 1026F/G, Anthropology 2100, Anthropology 2101A/B, Anthropology 2226A/B, Anthropology 2229F/G, Anthropology 2230F/G, Anthropology 2232F/G, Anthropology 2233F/G or Indigenous Studies 2233F/G, Anthropology 2234F/G or Indigenous Studies 2234F/G, Anthropology 2235A/B, Anthropology 2236A/B, Anthropology 2237A/B, Anthropology 2238A/B, Anthropology 2239A/B, Anthropology 2240A/B, Anthropology 2261F/G, Anthropology 2263A/B, Anthropology 2264F/G, Anthropology 2265F/G, Anthropology 2267A/B, Anthropology 3307A, Anthropology 3308F/G, Anthropology 3309F/G, Anthropology 3310A/B, Anthropology 3311F/G, Anthropology 3312F/G, Anthropology 3313A/B, Anthropology 3320, Anthropology 3322, Anthropology 3324A/B, Anthropology 3334F/G, Anthropology 3336F/G, Anthropology 3338F/G, Anthropology 3340A/B, Anthropology 3341F/G, Anthropology 4401F/G, Anthropology 4407F/G, Anthropology 4408F/G, Anthropology 4422F/G, Anthropology 4424F/G, Anthropology 4426F/G, Anthropology 4429F/G, Anthropology 4470A/B, the former Anthropology 2269F/G, the former Anthropology 3369F/G.

Linguistic Anthropology:

Anthropology 1020 (formerly Anthropology 1020E), Anthropology 1027A/B, Anthropology 2151A/B, Anthropology 2152A/B, Anthropology 2245F/G, Anthropology 2246F/G, Anthropology 2249F/G, Anthropology 2250F/G, Anthropology 2251F/G, Anthropology 2252F/G, Anthropology 2253A/B or Indigenous Studies 2253A/B, Anthropology 3237A/B, Anthropology 3243F/G, Anthropology 3339F/G, Anthropology 3343A/B or Indigenous Studies 3306A/B, Anthropology 4401F/G, Anthropology 4412F/G, the former Anthropology 2247A/B, the former Anthropology 2248A/B, the former Anthropology 2243F/G, the former Anthropology 3335F/G, the former Anthropology 3337F/G.