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Medical Biophysics
Faculty of Science/Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry; including BMSc and Neuroscience

Western Main Campus


Medical Sciences Building M407
Western University


(519) 661-3053


The Honours Specializations indicated below (*) and the Specialization in Medical Biophysics may only be completed within the BMSc Program. The Major in Medical Biophysics, when combined with another Major offered by one of the Basic Medical Science departments or the Major in Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS), may only be completed within the BMSc Program (BMSc Honours or BMSc degree).

Students do not register in modules leading to a BMSc degree until they are admitted to Year 3 of the BMSc Program. For more information, see BMSc PROGRAM and MODULES OFFERED IN THE BMSc PROGRAM.

A Major module in Medical Biophysics can either be taken alone or combined with modules from other faculties to earn degrees such as BSc, BHSc or BA degrees.  For example, a student may obtain a BSc(Honours) degree with a Major in Medical Biophysics and a Major chosen from either the Faculty of Science or another faculty. Alternatively, a student may elect to pursue a 4-year BSc degree with a Major in Medical Biophysics.

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