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Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

Western Main Campus


Spencer Engineering Building, Room 3005
Western University


(519) 661-2139


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers an accredited program in Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering is focused on a number of areas of specialization including environmental engineering, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydraulic engineering and municipal engineering. Students may take the Environmental Option, the Civil and Structural Option, the Environmental Option, the Environmental with International Development Option or the Structural Engineering with International Development Option. After completion of second year, students with appropriate academic standing may take either the Civil Engineering and Management Option which leads to both an Bachelor of Engineering Science degree and a BA in Honours Business Administration degree after three additional years or the Civil Engineering and Law Option which leads to both an Engineering and Juris Doctor degree after an additional four years. Other five-year concurrent degree programs, such as Civil/Environmental Engineering & Environmental Science, Civil Engineering & Computer Science, and Civil Engineering & EcoSystem Health are also available. Students in all options and concurrent degree programs receive an excellent education in the fundamental principles. Students in the Environmental Engineering Option also receive background in environmental chemistry and microbiology necessary to undertake senior courses that deal with environmental hydraulics design, design to avoid groundwater contaminants (e.g., due to landfills), or air pollution, and waste water treatment. Students in the Civil and Structural Engineering Option will have an additional emphasis on structural engineering, including structural analysis, structural dynamics, design of steel, concrete and wood structures, and snow and wind loading.

Admission Requirements for the Civil Engineering Program

Students entering the Civil Engineering program must have completed the entire first year program in Engineering, with no outstanding credits to be taken, and have a Year Weighted Average (YWA) of at least 60%. First consideration will be given to applicants with a minimum grade of 60% in each of the following courses: Applied Mathematics 1411A/B, Applied Mathematics 1413, Physics 1401A/B, Engineering Science 1022A/B/Y and Engineering Science 1021A/B.