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English, French and Writing

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including 1.0 from English 1000-1999, with a mark of at least 60%.

Module/Program Information


5.0 courses:
1.0 course from: English 3330E, or the former English 3227E.
1.0 course from: English 2038E, English 2060E, English 2501E, English 3579F/G, English 3774E, English 3775E, or the former English 2309E, the former English 3777F/G.
1.0 course from: English 2033E, English 2071F/G, English 2072F/G, English 2110E, English 2730F/G, English 2735F/G, or the former English 2500E. (English 2033E is recommended for teaching Primary to Intermediate grades and English 2110E for Intermediate to Senior levels).
1.0 course from: English 2239E, English 2301E, English 2401E, English 2601E, or the former English 2307E, the former English 2308E, the former English 2310E.
1.0 course from: English at the 2000 level or above. (Students may substitute 0.5 course in Writing towards this requirement).
Note: English 2017 and Speech 2001 may not be counted toward the Minor in English for Teachers.