Academic Calendar - 2023

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2023


History - Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including at least 0.5 course in History, with a mark of at least 60%. 

Module/Program Information

9.0 courses:

3.0 courses including 0.5 courses from each of the following three areas:

North American: History 2204F/G, History 2302F/G, History 2710F/G, History 2813F/G.
European: History 2403E, History 2413E, History 2713F/G, History 2414F/G, History 2706E, History 2810F/G.
World: History 2602F/G, History 2603E, History 2604F/G, History 2610F/G, History 2701E, History 2702E, History 2707F/G, History 2708F/G, History 2709F/G, History 2712F/G.

1.0 course: History 3801E or equivalent at the 3000 level.
2.0 additional courses in History at the 3000 level.
3.0 courses in History, no more than 2.0 of which may be at the 2000-2199 level.