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Inter-Faculty Departments and Programs - Linguistics Program

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including Anthropology 1027A/B and Linguistics 1028A/B with a mark of at least 60%. Students beginning Linguistics after first year may substitute Linguistics 2288A/B in place of Anthropology 1027A/B and take it concurrently with their second-year courses.

Module/Program Information

6.0 courses

2.0 courses: Anthropology 3339F/G, Linguistics 2242A/B, Linguistics 2247A/B (or the former Anthropology 2247A/B), Linguistics 2248A/B (or the former Anthropology 2248A/B).
1.0 courses from "Formal approaches to language": Anthropology 3237A/B, Anthropology 3343A/B, Communication Sciences and Disorders 4411A/B, Communication Sciences and Disorders 4439A/B, French 2805A/B, French 2806A/B, French 3810A/B, French 3830A/B, French 4811F/G, French 4821F/G, French 4830F/G, French 4841F/G, French 4881F/G, Linguistics 2244A/B, Linguistics 3100A/B, Linguistics 3102A/B, Philosophy 3260F/G, Philosophy 3270F/G, Philosophy 4210F/G, Psychology 2134A/B, Spanish 3303A/B, Spanish 3317A/B, Spanish 3318A/B, Spanish 3319A/B, Spanish 4415A/B.
1.0 courses from "Social aspects of language": Anthropology 2245F/G, Anthropology 2249F/G, Anthropology 2251F/G, Anthropology 2252F/G, or the former Linguistics 2285F/G, Anthropology 3243F/G or the former Anthropology 2243F/G, French 3870A/B, French 4040A/B, French 4850F/G, Spanish 3314F/G, Spanish 4412F/G, Spanish 4413F/G and the former Linguistics 2286F/G.
2.0 additional courses from the following or any course from above not already taken: Anthropology 2246F/G, Anthropology 2250F/G, Anthropology 2253A/B, Anthropology 4412F/G, Classical Studies 2800A/B,  English 3300, English 3310 (or the former English 3001, the former English 3012), French 4100F/G, Indigenous Studies 2253A/B, Linguistics 3340A/B, Linguistics 3390A/B, Linguistics 4490F/G, Philosophy 2250, Philosophy 2260F/G, Philosophy 3201A/B, Psychology 3140F/G, Psychology 3141F/G, Psychology 3184F/G, Spanish 2214A/B, Spanish 2956A/B-2960A/B, Spanish 3911A/B-3920A/B, Spanish 4921F/G-4925F/G, Spanish 4926A/B-4930A/B, the former Psychology 3142E, or other courses by permission of the Program.

Note: Some courses are offered only in alternate years. Students are advised to consult one of the Co-Directors of the Inter-Faculty Program in Linguistics when planning their module.