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Don Wright Faculty of Music - Music Program - Certificates and Diplomas

This is a program primarily for students who wish to concentrate on the study of Music Performance concurrent with a course of study leading to an academic degree at Western.

Although diploma holders represent performers of high artistic attainment, graduate schools generally require an academic degree as well.
In addition to the normal admission requirements of the Faculty of Music applicants must demonstrate a performance level of at least a Conservatory Grade X standard, and show evidence of exceptional performance ability before a jury.

Module/Program Information

First Year

Music 2922
Ensemble: One, or more, of Music 2901, Music 2902, Music 2903, Music 2904, Music 2905, Music 2906, Music 2910, Music 2911, Music 2912, Music 2913
1.5 courses from the Faculty of Music
1.0 course or equivalent from any Faculty

Second Year

Music 3922
Ensemble: One, or more, of Music 3901, Music 3902, Music 3903, Music 3904, Music 3905, Music 3906, Music 3910, Music 3911, Music 3912, Music 3913
1.0 of: Music 2970, Music 3958, or a half-course from the Faculty of Music plus Music 4976A/B/Y or Music 2975Y, the former Music 3955
1.5 courses from any Faculty

Third Year

Music 4922, Music 4931A/B/Y and 0.5 course from the Department of Music Performance Studies or the former Music 4927
Ensemble: One, or more, of Music 4901, Music 4902, Music 4903, Music 4904, Music 4905, Music 4906, Music 4910, Music 4911, Music 4912, Music 4913
1.0 course or equivalent from the Faculty of Music
1.0 course or equivalent from any Faculty

Note: Voice majors must include Music 2942A/B/Y and Music 3942A/B/Y as electives.


Progression Requirements and Eligibility for Graduation

Completion of the previous year's approved program of study, with a weighted average of at least 70% and no mark less than 60% in Music courses, and a passing grade in non-Music courses.