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The Diploma in Management Studies and Diploma in Management Studies with Work Placement are ideal for motivated students who have minimal or limited background in business studies.

The Diploma in Management Studies consists of an eight-month classroom curriculum which exposes students to the foundations of management and allows some flexibility in electives.

Students who complete the Diploma in Management Studies course credit requirements, meet work placement eligibility requirements, and receive an offer of employment from an approved employer may complete a 16-week paid work placement leading to a Diploma in Management Studies with Work Placement.

Admission Requirements

Diploma in Management Studies Admission Requirements

All students will apply to the Diploma in Management Studies. If a student meets work placement eligibility requirements and receives an offer of employment from an approved employer, she will be accepted into the Diploma in Management Studies with Work Placement.

Normally, students who hold an undergraduate degree in Business, Management or Commerce are ineligible to apply. Course equivalencies will be determined at the time of admission. Enrolment in the program is limited. Meeting of minimal requirements does not guarantee admission. Applicants must demonstrate:

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree.
  • At least a 70% average over the last 10.0 undergraduate credits.
  • No single grade below 60% over the last 10.0 undergraduate credits.

Online applications will normally open in late November and will be assessed on a rolling basis.  Applicants who must apply for admission to the University are encouraged to begin the application process as soon as possible. Normally, course work will be completed from September to April and, if accepted into the work placement, normally students will complete it from May to August.

Additional Requirements

Applicants whose first language is not English must furnish evidence of their proficiency in the use of the English language. See the Western University Academic Calendar English Language Proficiency Admission Requirements for details.

Module/Program Information

Diploma in Management Studies Program Requirements

The Diploma of Management Studies consists of 5.0 Credit Courses.

Assessments in the courses may take multiple forms from written assignments, in-class exercises, feedback on simulation exercises to case studies. The faculty expects post-degree level work from the students with a high level of participation in discussions and team work.

4.5 courses: MOS 2205F/G; MOS 2181A/B; MOS 2227A/B and MOS 2228A/B or MOS 2229W/X; MOS 3310A/B or MOS 3260A/B or MOS 3370A/B; MOS 3320A/B; MOS 3330A/B; MOS 4410A/B; MOS 4499Y.
0.5 course from: Any MOS level 2000-4000 course with relevant prerequisite, Philosophy 2074F/G, Leadership Studies 2000A/B, Leadership Studies 2233A/B, Leadership Studies 3333A/B.

Students must take 5.0 courses as outlined in the program requirements. Courses taken as part of an undergraduate degree may not count toward the fulfilment of these requirements. Students who have satisfied any of the Diploma in Management Studies requirements prior to entering the Diploma program must consult with the Brescia University College to determine course equivalencies and make appropriate course substitutions at the time of admission.