Academic Calendar - 2020 ARCHIVE

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2020ARCHIVE

Western Main Campus

Faculty of Social Science - History

Admission Requirements

Completion of the first-year requirements, including 1.0 course from: History 1201E, History 1401E, History 1601E, History 1801E, History 1803E, History 1805E, History 1807, History 1810E or the former History 1403E with a minimum mark of 60%.

Module/Program Information

4.0 courses:
3.0 of these 4.0 courses must be designated essay courses.

1.0 course* from: History 2201E or History 2205E.
1.0 course from one of the following three categories of Foundation Courses focusing on different geographical areas:

United States: History 2301E, History 2310F/G, History 2311F/G, History 2312F/G, American Studies 2310F/G,
European: History 2401E, History 2403E, History 2404E,
World: History 2501E, History 2601E, History 2605E, History 2606E, History 2607F/G, History 2608F/G, History 2611E

1.0 course in History at the 2100 level or above.
1.0 course in History at the 3000 level or above.