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Western Main Campus

Faculty of Social Science - History

Admission Requirements

Completion of the first-year requirements, including 1.0 course from History 1201E, History 1401E, History 1601E, History 1801E, History 1803E, History 1805E, History 1807, History 1810E or the former History 1403E with a minimum mark of 60%.

Module/Program Information

9.0 courses:

8.0 of these 9.0 courses must be essay courses. Course selection must satisfy the geographical and pre-1800 distribution requirements described above in Distribution Requirements for the Honours Specialization, Major, and Specialization.

1.0* course: History 2201E or History 2205E
2.0* courses: 1.0 course from two of the following three categories of Foundation Courses:

United States: History 2301E, History 2310F/G, History 2311F/G, History 2312F/G, American Studies 2310F/G,
European: History 2401E, History 2403E, History 2404E,
World: History 2501E, History 2601E, History 2605E, History 2606E, History 2607F/G, History 2608F/G, History 2611E.

3.0 courses in History at the 2200 level or above. This may include one of the following Classical Studies classes: Classical Studies 3410E, Classical Studies 3450E or the former Classical Studies 3400E. 1.0 History course taken at the 2100 level can be counted if the student achieves a grade of 75% or higher, though it will not satisfy distribution requirements.
3.0 courses in History at the 3000 level or above.

* 2.0 of these 3.0 courses must be taken before year 3.


  1. Geographic Distribution Requirement: The Geographic Distribution Requirement is satisfied by taking 1.0 course from History 2300-2399, History 3300-3399, and History 4300-4399; 1.0 course History 2400-2499, History 3400-3499, and History 4400-4499; and 1.0 course from History 2500-2599, History 2600-2699, History 3500-3599, History 3600-3699, History 4500-4599, History 4600-4699, History 3701E and History 3702F/G.

  2. Pre-1800 Distribution Requirement: The Pre-1800 Distribution Requirement is satisfied by taking 1.0 course from History 2401E, History 2403E, History 2405E, History 2503F/G, History 2607F/G, History 2812E (counts as 0.5 pre-1800 credit), History 3301E, History 3401E, History 3412F/G, History 3423F/G, History 3602F/G, History 3604F/G, History 3605E, History 3709E, History 4412E, History 4421E, History 4501F/G, History 4603F/G,  Classical Studies 3410E, Classical Studies 3450E, the former Classical Studies 3400E, the former History 2809E, the former History 2901E, the former History 3426F/G. Special Topics courses that satisfy the Pre-1800 Distribution Requirement are listed on the Department website.