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Western Main Campus

Faculty of Social Science - Psychology

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including 1.0 course from Psychology 1000 or Psychology 1002A/B AND Psychology 1003A/B with a mark of at least 60%.

Students must also complete:

1.0 course from: Calculus 1000A/B, Calculus 1301A/B, Calculus 1500A/B, Calculus 1501A/B, Data Science 1000A/B, Mathematics 1225A/B, Mathematics 1228A/B, Mathematics 1229A/B, Mathematics 1600A/B, Applied Mathematics 1201A/B, the former Statistical Sciences 1024A/B.

Mathematics 1228A/B and Data Science 1000A/B is the recommended combination.

Module/Program Information

6.0 courses:

1.0 course normally taken in second year: Psychology 2820E.
0.5 course in Psychology numbered 2100-2299.
0.5 course in Psychology numbered 2300-2799.
1.0 course in Psychology numbered 2100-2999.
1.0 course in Psychology numbered 2000-2999.
0.5 course in Psychology numbered 3100-3299.
0.5 course in Psychology numbered 3300-3799.
0.5 course in Psychology numbered 3100-3999.
0.5 course in Psychology numbered 3100-4999, excluding Psychology 4850E, Psychology 4851E and Psychology 4852E.


1. Students who initially major in Psychology but wish to enter the Honours Specialization in Psychology module should select Psychology 2810 and Psychology 2800E in place of Psychology 2820E. (Psychology 2800E would count as a course numbered 2000-2999).

2. Combination with a Major module in Science or the Basic Medical Sciences may allow graduation with a 4 year BSc. To qualify for a 4 year BSc degree, 11.0 Science and/or Science-equivalent courses are required. When taken within this module, up to 3.0 of the following Psychology courses count towards meeting the requirement of 11.0 Science courses in a 4-Year BSc: Psychology 2115A/B, Psychology 2134A/B, Psychology 2135A/B, Psychology 2210A/B, Psychology 2220A/B, Psychology 2221A/B, Psychology 2800E, Psychology 2810, Psychology 2820E, Psychology 3130A/B, Psychology 3138F/G, Psychology 3139A/B, Psychology 3140F/G, Psychology 3141F/G, Psychology 3209F/G, Psychology 3221F/G, Psychology 3224A/B, Psychology 3225A/B, Psychology 3226A/B, Psychology 3228A/B, Psychology 3230F/G, Psychology 3285F/G, Psychology 3440F/G, Psychology 3441F/G, Psychology 3442F/G, Psychology 3443F/G, Psychology 3444F/G, Psychology 3485F/G, Psychology 3800F/G, Psychology 4115F/G, Psychology 4222F/G, Psychology 4223F/G, Psychology 4224F/G, Psychology 4260F/G and the former Psychology 3223F/G.