Academic Calendar - 2020 ARCHIVE

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2020ARCHIVE

Western Main Campus

Faculty of Science - Statistical and Actuarial Sciences

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including the following:
(Calculus 1000A/B, Calculus 1500A/B or the former Calculus 1100A/B) and (Calculus 1501A/B or (Calculus 1301A/B with a mark of at least 85%)), plus 2.0 other principal courses with no mark less than 60% in any of the 3.0 principal courses.

Mathematics 1600A/B or the former Linear Algebra 1600A/B or Applied Mathematics 1411A/B with a minimum mark of 60% for either, is normally taken in year 1. If not taken in year 1, it must be completed in the first term of year 2.

Recommended (but not required) first year courses: Economics 1021A/B and Economics 1022A/B, Philosophy 1200, Computer Science 1026A/B.

Please note: Applied Mathematics 1413 may be substituted for the 1.0 Calculus course requirement.

Module/Program Information

6.0 courses:

0.5 courses: Actuarial Science 2553A/B.
1.5 courses: Calculus 2402A/B, Applied Mathematics 2814F/G, Applied Mathematics 3815A/B, or the former Applied Mathematics 2813B.
1.5 courses: Financial Modelling 2555A/B (or the former Actuarial Science 2555A/B), Financial Modelling 2557A/B (or the former Actuarial Science 2557A/B), Financial Modelling 3817A/B (or the former Applied Mathematics 3817A/B).
2.0 courses: Statistical Sciences 2503A/B (or the former Applied Mathematics 2503A/B), Statistical Sciences 2857A/B, Statistical Sciences 2858A/B, Statistical Sciences 3657A/B.
0.5 course from: Financial Modelling 3613A/B (or the former Applied Mathematics 3613B), Financial Modelling 3520A/B (or the former Statistical Sciences 3520A/B).

Calculus 2402A/B may be replaced by either (Calculus 2502A/B and Calculus 2503A/B) or (Calculus 2502A/B and Mathematics 2123A/B).  When such a replacement occurs, the module will include 6.5 courses.