Academic Calendar - 2020 ARCHIVE

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2020ARCHIVE

Western Main Campus

Faculty of Science - Physics and Astronomy

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements including the following 3.0 courses, each with a mark of at least 60%:

Physics 1301A/B, Physics 1401A/B, Physics 1501A/B or 80% in Physics 1028A/B and Physics 1302A/B, Physics 1402A/B, Physics 1502A/B or 80% in Physics 1029A/B; or the former Physics 1026

Calculus 1000A/B or Calculus 1500A/B or the former Calculus 1100A/B and Calculus 1301A/B or Calculus 1501A/B; or Applied Mathematics 1413

Chemistry 1301A/B and Chemistry 1302A/B; or the former Chemistry 1100A/B and the former Chemistry 1200B

Module/Program Information