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Faculty of Science - Computer Science

This module concentrates on the computational aspects of bioinformatics, while at the same time providing students with enough background in the biosciences to appreciate the contexts in which computation is applied. The Honours Specialization in Bioinformatics leads to a degree that is accredited by the Computer Science Accreditation Council, the academic arm of the Canadian Information Processing Society, under its interdisciplinary program criteria.

The Honours Specialization in Bioinformatics can be completed only within BSc (Hons) degrees.

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements with no failures. Students must have an average of at least 70% in 4.0 principal courses, with no mark in these principal courses below 60%, including:

Biology 1001A and Biology 1002B; Chemistry 1301A/B and Chemistry 1302A/B;
Computer Science 1025A/B or Computer Science 1026A/B or Engineering Science 1036A/B; Computer Science 1027A/B or Computer Science 1037A/B, in either case with a mark of at least 65%;
1.0 course from Applied Mathematics 1201A/B, Applied Mathematics 1413, Calculus 1000A/B, Calculus 1301A/B, Calculus 1500A/B, Calculus 1501A/B, Mathematics 1600A/B.

Note: Biology 1201A with a mark of at least 70% may be used in place of Biology 1001A, and Biology 1202B with a mark of at least 70% may be used in place of Biology 1002B.

Students taking this module must see a Departmental Counsellor in Computer Science for advice concerning the order in which courses have to be taken.

Module/Program Information