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Faculty of Engineering - John M. Thompson Centre of Engineering Leadership and Innovation

Students participating in the Engineering Leadership and Innovation certificate will acquire a developed knowledge and critical understanding of the key concepts skills in management, leadership and innovation. In particular, they will learn how the fields of engineering and business intersect and how principles of business and management can enhance the implementation of engineering technologies.

Admission Requirements

The Certificate is open to Engineering students in their second or third year. To be eligible for admission, students must obtain a weighted average (YWA) of 70% in their previous year in Engineering with no failures. In addition, students must complete the application form on the Undergraduate Services Web site. Admission is not guaranteed and space is limited.

Module/Program Information

To complete the Engineering Leadership and Innovation Certificate successfully, students must complete the following in addition to their BESc degree:

3.0 courses:

1.0 course: Business Administration 1299E.
2.0 courses: ELI 3000A/B or the former ES 3331A/B, ELI 3200A/B or the former ES 3330A/B, ELI 4100A/B or the former ES 4480A/B, ELI 4200A/B or the former ES 4481A/B.

Note: Students enrolled in the Integrated Engineering program are not eligible for this certificate.