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Faculty of Information and Media Studies - Certificates and Diplomas in Information and Media Studies

Competence in and understanding of digital communication of all types are now prerequisites for many professional and academic careers. The Certificate/Diploma Program in Digital Communication: Social Media & Virtual Worlds (CDDC) prepares students in the technologies, practices and theory of social media, search engines, virtual worlds and digital applications for image, sound and text. The Certificate program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Western and they may apply for admission subject to prerequisites and general admission requirements. The Certificate program may be pursued concurrently with the completion of a Bachelor's or Graduate degree. Students already possessing an undergraduate degree may apply for admission to the Diploma program, subject to prerequisites and general university entrance requirements.

Admission Requirements

65% average across 5.0 first-year courses for the Certificate program and an undergraduate degree for the Diploma program. Admission is not guaranteed; enrolment in the programs and in courses may be limited. To complete the programs, students are required to use a laptop. Applicants should check with the Faculty of Information and Media Studies regarding minimum specifications and performance requirements of laptops at the time of application. Details concerning application procedures are available on the Faculty of Information and Media Studies Web site at

Module/Program Information

Program Requirements

To complete the Certificate in Digital Communication, students must achieve an overall average of 70% in 3.5 courses:

0.5 course: Digital Communication 2001A/B.
0.5 course: Digital Communication 2002A/B.
2.5 courses from: Digital Communication 2200F/G, Digital Communication 2203A/B, Digital Communication 2204A/B, Digital Communication 3203F/G, Digital Communication 3204F/G, Digital Communication 3205F/G, Digital Communication 3206F/G, Digital Communication 3209F/G, Digital Communication 3210F/G, the former Digital Communication 2201F/G, the former Digital Communication 3207A/B, the former Digital Communication 3208F/G.