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Faculty of Health Sciences - Health Studies, School of

Admission Requirements

Registration in the School of Health Studies. Students must have a minimum cumulative average of 65%, with a minimum grade of 60% in each of:  Health Sciences 1001A/B and Health Sciences 1002A/B, and Biology 1001A or Biology 1201A and Biology 1002B or Biology 1202B. Enrolment is limited. Meeting the minimum requirement does not guarantee admission.

For students in the School of Kinesiology

Registration in the School of Kinesiology. Completion of year one course requirements with no grade less than 60%.  Students must have an average of at least 70% in the 5.0 course load and 70% in each of the principal courses including Kinesiology 1070A/B or the former 1088A/B, Kinesiology 1080A/B, and Physiology 1021 or Physiology 2130. Enrolment is limited. Meeting the minimum requirement does not guarantee admission.

Module/Program Information

6.0 courses:

0.5 course from: Health Sciences 2700A/B, Health Sciences 2711A/B, Kinesiology 3347A/B, Psychology 2410A/B.
0.5 course: Health Sciences 2801A/B or Kinesiology 2032A/B or equivalent statistics course at the 2000 level or above.
1.0 course: Rehabilitation Sciences 3060A/B and Rehabilitation Sciences 3061A/B.
0.5 course from: Anatomy and Cell Biology 2221, Health Sciences 2300A/B, Kinesiology 2222A/B (minimum grade of 70%).
3.5 courses from: Health Sciences 3050A/B, Health Sciences 3300A/B, Health Sciences 4074A/B, Kinesiology 3222A/B, Kinesiology 3336A/B, Kinesiology 3457A/B, Kinesiology 3474A/B, Kinesiology 3480A/B, Kinesiology 3550A/B, Kinesiology 4437A/B, Kinesiology 4450A/B, Kinesiology 4457A/B, Kinesiology 4474A/B, Kinesiology 4560A/B, Rehabilitation Sciences or Communication Sciences and Disorders at the 3000-level or above, not previously selected.

Note: A maximum of 1.0 FCE may be used as a double credit towards a degree with combined modules (e.g. specialization and minor, double major, major and minor).
Note: All students must complete a Statistics course as a pre or co requisite to Kinesiology 2032A/B.