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Social Work, School of

The essential module in the BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK (HONOURS) degree is the Honours Specialization in Social Work.

Admission Requirements

Only students who have been formally accepted into the Social Work program may enrol in Social Work courses at the 3000-level and beyond. Prior to admission to the Honours Specialization in Social Work students should register for their alternate degree choice(s).

Students accepted into the professional program (Year 3) must register at King's University College.

Admission to the Social Work program (Year 3) is by formal application by March 1 of the calendar year in which admission is sought. Enrolment in the Social Work program is limited.

The admission of each candidate is determined by the Director on the recommendation of the School's Admissions Committee. In the admissions process, candidates are chosen according to academic and non-academic requirements.

Academic requirements for admission may be completed by July 1 of the year in which admission to the professional program is sought. To be eligible for admission, applicants must complete not less than 10.0 courses or equivalent of university study with an overall average of 70%. These courses must include:

2.0 courses with a minimum grade of 70% in each:

1.5 courses: Social Work 1025A/B, Social Work 1026A/B, Social Work 2216A/B.
0.5 course from: Writing 1020F/G, Writing 1022F/G, Writing 2101F/G.

0.5 course with a minimum grade of 60%: Social Work 2206A/B.

7.5 additional courses:

0.5 course from Category B. (Arts and Humanities)
1.0 course from Category C. (Science)
6.0 additional courses.

Applicants must have a minimum average of 70% in the last 10.0 courses taken prior to admission to the program, with no failures.

In addition, all students must meet first-year requirements as outlined in the Western Academic Calendar.

Candidates will receive official notification of the acceptance or rejection of their application after official final year grades have been received by the School (generally the end of June of each academic year).

Module/Program Information

10.0 courses:

5.0 courses completed in Year 3: Social Work 3301A/B, Social Work 3302A/B, Social Work 3303A/B, Social Work 3308F/G, Social Work 3316A/B, Social Work 3318A/B, Social Work 3319F/G, Social Work 3320Y or Social Work 3350A/B, Social Work 3333A/B, Social Work 3344A/B.
5.0 courses completed in Year 4:

2.5 courses: Social Work 4400, Social Work 4414F/G, Social Work 4415F/G, Social Work 4429A/B.
2.5 courses from Social Work electives at the 3000 level or above, including at least 0.5 from each of the following two categories (A maximum of 1.0 approved courses from outside of Social Work may be taken. Consult with the School for approved list.)

Category 1: Will primarily examine micro/meso levels of practice and course topics may include but are not limited to: addictions; crisis and trauma; mental health; children and adolescents; health care and social work; seniors; child welfare; human sexuality; thanatology; and disability studies.

Category 2: Will primarily examine macro levels of practice and course topics may include but are not limited to: advocacy; first nations; international and multicultural social work; social justice and peace.

To be eligible for the BSW (Honours) degree, students must complete all requirements for fourth year successfully, and obtain an overall average of at least 70% in all principal courses, a minimum mark of 60% in each course, and a "Satisfactory" in Social Work 3320Y or Social Work 3350A/B and Social Work 4400.


1. Students choosing to combine the Honours Specialization in Social Work with another module may require more than 20.0 credits to meet requirements for both modules.
2. Students may count a maximum of 1.0 courses between modules.


Progression Requirements

To be eligible to progress, third-year students must complete all requirements for third year successfully; and obtain an overall average of at least 70% in all principal courses, a minimum mark of 60% in each course, and a "Satisfactory" in Social Work 3320Y.

Related Information


Students from Social Work programs of other universities may apply for admission to the BSW (Honours) Program at King's. Transcripts and courses will be assessed with regard to transfer credits. Please contact the School for information on approved courses from other universities and colleges that fulfill specific pre-program requirements.


Assignments to Practica will be determined by the Coordinator of Field Education following consultation with students. Students should be aware that there may be financial costs (such as parking, transportation, manual and insurance) and special agency requirements (such as police checks and health requirements) associated with the Practicum. A car may be needed for some community-based placements. See the RECORDS CHECK AND VULNERABLE SECTOR SCREENING POLICY section for further details.

Graduation Requirements

At least 20.0 credits