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Faculty of Engineering - Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Admission Requirements

Students entering the Mechatronic Systems Engineering program must have completed the entire first year program in Engineering, with no outstanding credits to be taken, and have a Year Weighted Average (YWA) of at least 70%. First consideration will be given to applicants with a minimum grade of 60% in each of the following courses: Applied Mathematics 1411A/B, Applied Mathematics 1412A/B, Applied Mathematics 1414A/B, Engineering Science 1022A/B/Y, Engineering Science 1036A/B, Engineering Science 1050, Physics 1401A/B and Physics 1402A/B.

Engineering Common First Year Program

Full-year courses: Engineering Science 1050, Business Administration 1299E.
Full-year half course: Engineering Science 1022A/B/Y.
Half-year courses: Applied Mathematics 1411A/B, Applied Mathematics 1412A/B, Applied Mathematics 1414A/B, Chemistry 1302A/B, Engineering Science 1021A/B, Engineering Science 1036A/B, Physics 1401A/B and Physics 1402A/B.
(Three of the half courses are taken in each term as scheduled)

Module/Program Information

Second Year Program

Applied Mathematics 2270A/B, Applied Mathematics 2276A/B, Computer Science 1037A/B, ECE 2205A/B, MSE 2200Q/R/S/T, MSE 2201A/B, MSE 2202A/B, MSE 2212A/B, MSE 2213A/B, MSE 2214A/B, MSE 2233A/B, MSE 2273A/B, Writing 2130F/G (or the former ES 2211F/G).

Third Year Program

Applied Mathematics 3415A/B, ECE 2277A/B, ECE 3330A/B, ECE 3331A/B, ECE 3375A/B, MSE 3301A/B, MSE 3302A/B, MSE 3310A/B, MSE 3360A/B, MSE 3380A/B, MSE 3381A/B, 0.5 non- technical elective*.

Fourth Year Program

MSE 4401A/B, MSE 4499, ECE 4460A/B, ECE 4469A/B, ELI 4110F/G or the former ES 4498F/G, Statistical Sciences 2141A/B, 1.0 non-technical elective, three 0.5 technical electives**.

Students who entered before September 2016 are required to take Business Administration 2299E.

*Selection of the non-technical elective must be approved by the Department Counsellor to satisfy the CEAB requirements of subject matter that deals with central issues, methodologies, and thought processes of the humanities and social sciences. An approved list can be found on the Engineering website.

** Mechatronic Systems Engineering technical electives
Technical electives not chosen from this list require special permission:

ECE 3380A/B, ECE 4429A/B, ECE 4438A/B, ECE 4445A/B, ECE 4455A/B, ECE 4468A/B, MME 4424A/B, MME 4425A/B, MME 4459A/B, MME 4469A/B, MME 4470A/B, MME 4473A/B, MME 4480A/B, MME 4482A/B, MME 4492A/B, the former ECE 4470A/B.