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Combined Degree Program LAW/AMBA
Faculty of Law - Law Combined Programs

JD/AMBA Combined Degree Program The combined JD/AMBA program is administered on behalf of the Faculty of Law and the Ivey Business School by two Program Directors, one appointed by each Faculty. This combined program is designed for students who envision a career in those areas where business and law intersect. The program allows students to complete both the JD and AMBA degrees in three years, rather than the four years necessary to complete the degrees separately.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the combined program must apply separately for admission to the JD and AMBA programs by the deadlines established by the Faculty of Law (November 1) and Ivey Business School (the last Monday of February the following year). An applicant may seek admission to the combined program either when applying for admission to the two individual programs or during the first year of the JD program. The two Program Directors will jointly decide whether applicants who are admitted to both programs and who have indicated that they wish to be considered for the combined program will be admitted to it.

Enrolment is restricted to a maximum of 10% of the entering MBA cohort; therefore, students who apply during their first year of Law have no assurance that they will be admitted to the combined program.

Module/Program Information


Year Months Program Structure
One September-April Law 1 (all compulsory courses)
July-August AMBA Research Classes
Business Essentials
9208 Macroeconomics for Business Decisions
9103 Communicating Effectively
Two September-April Law and AMBA
Three September-April Law and AMBA

JD/AMBA combined program students must complete:

• All compulsory elements of Western Law’s regular JD program, including at least one January Intensive Course and the Faculty Writing Requirements;
• Additional upper-year Law credits totalling at least 33 credit hours;
• All AMBA compulsory courses;
• 9 MBA electives.

Students’ choices of elective courses are subject to the approval of the Program Directors, who must review the proposed elective course selections to ensure that the objectives of the program are met. The elective course may not include introductory courses of a dual law and business nature.


Students in the combined program must meet the regular progression requirements of the JD and AMBA programs.

Failure to Meet Progression Standards

A student who fails to meet the progression standards must withdraw from the combined program. However, a student who has met the progression standards of either the JD or AMBA program may be allowed to proceed in that program, and must complete all the degree requirements of the individual program in order to graduate from that program.

Dean’s Honour List

Students are considered for the Dean’s Honour List at the Faculty of Law during their first year of Law. In subsequent years of the combined program, students who take Law courses totaling at least 14 credit hours in any year are considered for the Dean’s Honour List at the Faculty of Law in that year on the basis of those courses. Students are considered for the Dean’s Honour List at the Ivey Business School after completion of the AMBA component of the combined JD/AMBA program.

Graduation with Distinction

Eligibility is determined by the regulations in effect at the Faculty of Law and Ivey Business School, respectively.

Related Information

Gold Medal

Students in the combined program are not eligible for the Gold Medal in the Faculty of Law or the Ivey Business School.

Exchange Programs

Students enrolled in the combined program may be eligible for a Law exchange in Year Three.  Students must ensure that their course load is appropriately balanced before permission will be given to participate in an exchange program.


Tuition fees for combined programs are set by the University. Contact the Office of the Registrar for details.