Academic Calendar - 2020

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2020

Western Main Campus

Faculty of Health Sciences - Nursing - Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing

Admission Requirements

See Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Nursing Program in Nursing – Admission policy

Module/Program Information

The Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Program offers a 4 year BScN program that qualifies graduates to apply to write the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) and subsequently register as a professional nurse with the College of Nurses of Ontario. The program is offered collaboratively by Western and Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology. The first two years of the program are offered at both institutions. All students complete years 3 and 4 at the Western site. Program requirements are the same at both sites.

First Year

Nursing 1060A/B, Nursing 1160A/B, Nursing 1070A/B, Nursing 1170A/B, Nursing 1080A/B, Nursing 1180A/B
Nursing 1330A/B
Physiology 1020
Writing 1030F/G

Second Year

Nursing 2220A/B, Nursing 2221A/B, Nursing 2230A/B, Nursing 2231A/B, Nursing 2240F/G, Nursing 2250A/B
Pathology 2420A
Pharmacology 2060A/B
1.0 full course elective

Third Year

Nursing 3310A/B, Nursing 3340A/B, Nursing 3820A/B, Nursing 3910A/B, Nursing 3911A/B, Nursing 3920A/B, Nursing 3921A/B
1.5 full course elective

Fourth Year

Nursing 4320A/B, Nursing 4400A/B, Nursing 4410A/B, Nursing 4440A/B, Nursing 4461W/X
1.0 full course elective (2 half credits to be taken in the fall term).

Accelerated Year 4
Students entering Year 4 can select to commence their studies earlier through the Accelerated Year 4 (AY4). Instead of beginning Year 4 classes in the Fall term and completing the Integrative Practicum in the Winter term (with graduation at the Spring convocation), AY4 students commence their fourth year in May and complete their Integrative Practicum in the Fall term.
Degrees are conferred at the February In Absentia Convocation ceremony.
Selection for the Accelerated Year 4 is limited by the number and type of available placement locations.

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