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King's KEY (King's Enhanced Year) Program

Admission Requirements

  1. Must be academically eligible
  2. One of the following test results must be met:
    - IELTS – Minimum Overall Score and Writing section must be 5.5, all other sections Minimum 5.0.
    - TOEFL – Minimum Overall Score of 62, Reading and Listening not below 12, Speaking and Writing not below 16.
    - CAEL – Minimum 50 in all sections.
    - PTE Academic – Minimum Overall Score of 46, with no section less than 46.

Module/Program Information

Program Description

King’s KEY Program is designed for applicants that are interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies or a Bachelor of Arts in a Social Science program. KEY students must be academically eligible to enter first year as a BMOS or Social Sciences student and have obtained English Language Proficiency scores (above) that are close to the Western requirements. In the KEY program, students study 17 hours of mandatory English Language training provided by Western’s English Language Centre while enrolled in 2.0 credit courses which are primarily quantitative and are required in the first year of the BMOS program. The 2.0 credit courses are:

0.5 credit: Mathematics 1229A/B (or other Math as recommended)
0.5 credit: Mathematics 1230A/B (or other Math as recommended)
0.5 credit: Economics 1021A/B
0.5 credit: Economics 1022A/B

With the successful completion of both the credit courses and the English for Academic Purposes program at the High-Advanced level, KEY students will be eligible for full-time study in a Social Science or BMOS program at King’s.