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Centre for Global Studies - Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including 1.0 course from Centre for Global Studies 1021F/G, Centre for Global Studies 1022F/G, Centre for Global Studies 1023F/G  and 1.0 course from GSWS 1020E, GSWS 1021F/G, GSWS 1022F/G, GSWS 1024F/G with marks of at least 60%.  

Note: Students beginning this module after first year may substitute GSWS 2240F/G in place of GSWS 1020E and take it concurrently with their second-year courses.  Students should note the language requirement for graduation in this module when selecting first year courses.

Module/Program Information

9.0 courses:

1.0 course: GSWS 2220E.
1.0 course from:  Centre for Global Studies 2002F/G, Centre for Global Studies 2003F/G, Centre for Global Studies 2004F/G.
0.5 course from: GSWS 3321F/G, GSWS 3322F/G.
0.5 course from:  Centre for Global Studies 3001F/G, Centre for Global Studies 3005F/G.
1.5 courses from: GSWS 2205F/G, GSWS 2212F/G, GSWS 2244, GSWS 2260, GSWS 2263F/G, GSWS 2270A/B, GSWS 3305F/G, GSWS 3312F/G, GSWS 3324F/G, GSWS 3350F/G;

with special permission:  GSWS 2251F/G, GSWS 2252F/G, GSWS 2254E, GSWS 2259F/G, GSWS 2263F/G, GSWS 2264F/G, GSWS 2265F/G, GSWS 3330F/G, GSWS 3331F/G, GSWS 3345F/G, GSWS 3355E, GSWS 3356F/G, GSWS 3357F/G, GSWS 3358F/G, GSWS 3359F/G, GSWS 3363F/G, GSWS 3373F/G, the former Women's Studies 2258A/B, the former Women's Studies 2261F/G.

1.0 course: CGS 3515F/G, CGS 3519F/G.
0.5 course
from: CGS 3514F/G, CGS 3529F/G, CGS 4014F/G; with special permission: CGS 3990–3999.
1.5 course
from: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies 2200 and above.
1.5 course from: Centre for Global Studies 3000 and above.

Language Requirement

2.0 language courses with progression from one level to the next (e.g. 1030 level to 2000 level, or 2000 level to 3000 level) in a language other than English, or 2.0 language courses in two different languages other than English at any level, or by demonstrating working fluency in a language other than English.