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Diploma DIPLOMA IN CRITICAL SECURITY STUDIES - admission discontinued

Admission to this diploma is discontinued effective September 1, 2020. Students enrolled in the diploma will be allowed to graduate until August 31, 2022, upon fulfillment of the program requirements.

This program is designed for students already possessing an undergraduate degree. The Diploma in Critical Security Studies is intended to provide students with the theoretical and practical tools to analyze social issues associated with the mass development of new security projects, including those related to immigration and borders, digital privacy, surveillance, risk, health and population security, human security, terrorism, the environment, nationalism, the economy, and others. All Diploma courses may be credited toward other undergraduate programs. A student who does not yet possess a university degree may apply for admission to the Certificate in Critical Security Studies. The Certificate can be taken concurrently with an undergraduate degree.

Admission Requirements

Possession of an undergraduate university degree. This is a limited enrolment program and meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

Module/Program Information