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Other - Non Modular Program ENGINEERING CO-OP PROGRAM
Faculty of Engineering - Co-op Programs in the Faculty of Engineering

Eligible undergraduate students in any accredited program in the Faculty of Engineering may enroll in a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree ‘With Co-op’ version of that program. Students enrolled in the ‘with Co-op’ program will be required to complete a minimum 12 months of co-op/practical experience prior to graduation. The 12 months experience may be acquired through any combination of four-month summer terms, eight-month terms, or a term of 12- to 16-months duration. Students may enter the ‘With Co-op’ version of their program at any time up to the beginning of Term 2 of their next-to-last level of undergraduate studies. The co-op experience must be completed prior to beginning the final year of the Bachelor’s degree. A co-op course notation will be on the student’s transcript for each experience term and the student will graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering Science in [Program], with Co-op.

In addition to the practical experience and competitive salary gained through co-ops, a maximum of 12 months of this employment may be used towards the four years experience required for licensing as a Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.

Students may gain practical work experience in any of the summer terms prior to their final year and each term will be recorded on the Academic Record with a notation:

Students may also complete a long-term co-op of 8, 12 or 16 months between their penultimate year and their final year and each term will be recorded on their Academic Record with a notation:

In some cases, there may be a combination of summer, fall, winter and second summer for a 16 month term (Engineering Science 3351, Engineering Science 3352, Engineering Science 3353, Engineering Science 3354).

An annual fee will be charged to be registered in a ‘with Co-op’ version of the program and a co-op tuition will be charged for each 4-month experience term.

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